Coldest winter in 5 years.

It's recently been reported that this winter could be the coldest in 5 years.

Temperatures could dive to as low as -11C. The coldest winter on record was only seven years ago, with temperatures in Mayo dipping to -17.2C.

With this drastic plunge in temperature it is likely that heating bills will be through the roof. 

AccuWeather's senior meteorologist Alan Reppert has stated that snow and ice is a much higher threat this winter. Large disruptions are to be expected. 

This drastic change in weather is due to climate change. 16 of the 17 warmest years on record have occurred since 2001. Ice sheets are melting and global sea levels have risen about 8 inches in the past century. These statistics come from NASA

Todd Crawford, the chief meteorologist for The Weather Company has said "We expect extended spells with a ridge of pressure in the North Atlantic, especially in early winter. This forces the jet stream up to the Arctic and back down into Europe, releasing Arctic high pressure from near the Pole directly into northern Europe, with colder-than-normal temperatures." (from The Sun.)


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We are proud to announce that we have added another commercial insulation rig to our expanding insulation fleet in Ireland. this new rig offers more coverage for our expanding customer base and reduced waiting times.

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