Container Insulation

Here at MyFoam, we provide container insulation for containers of all shapes and sizes nationwide. We use Synthesia approved spray foam insulation which has been certified with the NSAI.

We have garnered plenty of experience providing container insulation across the country. Our professional team are ready to help you.

container insulation


Using our spray foam insulation in containers can drastically improve the R-value of the container. The interior will remain dry and warm. Spray foam insulation has plenty of benefits, you can find a concise list of them here.

Containers have always been popular for storage, however in the past few years they have become a popular source of shelter. Homes and offices are being constructed out of containers all around the globe. You may have heard about the container home which was built in Ringsend recently. The Irish Times wrote an article about it. We provided the spray foam insulation which was necessary to ensure these containers were habitable and perfect for their new use.

We recently analysed the trend of shipping containers homes. You can find that analysis here.

But why such a sudden surge in popularity? Shipping containers are extremely cheap to buy. They usually cost somewhere between €1500 and €2500 depending on the condition of the container. These containers were built to last. They are often waterproof, fireproof and incredibly strong. They conform to building regulations with ease. A building project using shipping containers is oftentimes much quicker than a conventional build.

Before and After

To the right you will find photos of a job we recently completed for Leitrim County Council. You can clearly see the difference between the before and after pictures. With our Synthesia approved spray foam insulation these containers now offer dry, warm storage.


We offer extremely competitive prices here at MyFoam, alongside a nationwide service. If you would like to get a quote feel free to email or fill out our contact form which can be found here.

container without spray foam insulation
spray foam inside container
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