Increase in SEAI Grants

Starting today, you could receieve an extra €1500 in grants from the SEAI through the Better Energy Homes scheme!

From the 15th of January 2018 onwards, the SEAI are offering increased grants for external insulation.

Previously the SEAI Better Energy Homes scheme was offering €4500 towards external insulation for a detached house, €3400 towards a semi-detached or end of terrace house and €2250 for an apartment or mid terrace house.


Here you can see the previous grants. You must apply for the grant before you begin the works. If you apply for a grant after the work has started it will not be granted.

Have a look at the grants which were available for external insulation. The largest grant available was €4500.

From today onwards the SEAI will offer €6000 grants towards external insulation on a detached home. This is a welcome increase of 33.3%. They have increased the grant for semi-detached and end of terrace houses by 32.35%, up to €4500. Finally, the grant for mid terrace houses or apartments is up 22.2% to €2750. This results in an average increase of nearly 30%.

If you are interested in the improvement of your home through new insulation, we highly recommend external insulation. The external insulation is wrapped around your house, and left with a brand new finish. This decreases the amount of energy lost in your home, but also leaves the home looking brand new. You can read more about the process and see some pictures here.

If external insulation is not for you, and you are more interested in spray foam insulation please click here. 

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