Open-Cell and Closed-Cell – What’s the Difference?

Spray foam is formed by a reaction between two chemicals. They are commonly known as MDI and pMDI. These chemicals come in separate barrels or drums. Once they are introduced to each other they react to form a highly insulative foam.

You can watch this reaction take place here.


spray foam closed cell open cell

There are two types of spray foam. Closed cell and open cell. With open-cell spray foam the cells are not closed, as the name would suggest. This creates a softer, weaker spray foam. Air fills the tiny spaces in between the cells. Closed-cell spray foam is much stronger and has a higher R-value as the cells remain closed. Air is prohibited from entering the cells.

Although they share some properties, there are also differences. Closed-cell spray foam has a higher R-value, resists water and adds strength and rigidity. Open-cell spray foam is not suggested for applications in direct contact with water, is much softer and has a lower density. Due to the soft nature of open-cell foam, it is excellent at minimising sound transmission and can drastically reduce noise pollution.

Our highly trained and experienced team will provide professional assistance from the outset and throughout. We survey the structure, examine your needs and provide an elite service at a competitive price. We will recommend either Open-Cell or Closed-Cell spray foam depending on the structure, location and your needs.

At MyFoam we only use Synthesia approved products. These products have been tested and are approved by the National Standards Authority of Ireland. You can find our NSAI certification here. This certification guarantees excellence. We are extremely experienced in all applications of spray foam. We offer our service nationwide.

This certification also helps our customers attain grants from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland.

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