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Read or download our technical data sheet on spray foam products we use at MyFoam insulation.

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Structures and U-Values Technical Data Spray foam

  • Timber Frame New Construction Wall
  • Existing & New Pitched Ceiling Level Insulation
  • Existing & New Pitched Ceilings Warm Roof
  • Existing & New Ceiling Level Insulation
  • Flat Roofs Pitched 15 Degrees or Less
  • Suspended Timber Floor
  • Stone Wall Timber stud
  • Hollow Block Wall Timber Stud
  • Cavity wall dry-lining Timber Stud
  • Mass Concrete Dry-lining Timber Stud

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Technical Data Spray Foam

This Certificate relates to 008e open celled and S-003 closed cell spray foam insulation.008e foam is a low density spray-applied expanding
polyurethane open celled insulation foam for use in new and existing buildings.S-003 foam is a closed celled spray-applied rigid polyurethane insulation foam for use in new and existing buildings.This Agreement Certificate certifies compliance with the requirements of the Building Regulations.

USE: The product is used as a thermal insulation, and contributes to the thermal performance of:

  • Timber frame walls
  • Pitched roof constructions with insulation on slope and roof underlay combined with adequate ventilation and vapour control layer.
  • Pitched roof constructions with insulation at ceiling level where the attic space is non-habitable
  • Flat timber roof constructions
  • Suspended timber floors (without basement)

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U-Value Table

Spraying with 12mm Slab

  • Rafters
  • Joists
  • Studs
  • Cladding

Spraying with 50mm Slab

  • Rafters
  • Joists
  • Studs
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